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Preventing personal injury incidents due to distracted driving

April is Distracted Driving Month, which a month dedicated to education and increasing awareness regarding the risks associated with distracted driving. In California and other states, distraction is one of the leading causes of car accidents and one of the most pressing public safety concerns. Authorities and leaders hope bringing this issue to light will encourage people to act safely behind the wheel and reduce the number of distraction-related personal injury incidents.

Personal injury guidelines in California

Regardless of how careful a person can be accidents can still happen. A person may slip and fall on a wet floor, a loose dog may become aggressive and bite a passerby. If a person is seriously injured, one may wish to consider a personal injury lawsuit against the party deemed responsible for the accident. There are certain guidelines in California that govern these types of legal proceedings.

Medical malpractice can result from surgical errors

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying. Once the news sinks in and a course of treatment has been prescribed and chosen, a person trusts the medical professionals to perform their jobs. In a recent case in California, surgical errors resulted in mistakes that could have been avoided.

Failure to observe surgical precision results in personal injury

Surgical precision is a term that is frequently used to describe something that must be carried out with accuracy and great attention to detail. There is a reason the term has entered the lexicon and it's because surgery does require those two qualities to be successful. One aspect of surgery that must be precise is that the number of items used to perform a surgery, such as needles, sponges, clamps and so on, must equal the number of those items that are present at the end of the surgery. In California and elsewhere, failure to meet that criteria could result in personal injury to the patient by an item being left inside the patient after the surgeon closes any incisions.

Common infant product known to cause personal injury

California parents may assume that if a baby product is available in most stores, it must be safe. While products for infants are subject to some of the strictest safety regulations, one product continues to cause serious personal injury, even when used properly. Baby walkers, a type of seat with wheels attached, have been used for generations to help children learn to walk, but doctors are speaking out about the inherent danger they pose to little ones. 

Rookie police dog causes serious personal injury to worker

Imagine the fear that could overcome a person who is just about to go home after a long day of work, when they are viciously attacked by a dog. This is what happened to a California worker, unaware that local police were using his workplace to train their new K-9 officer. The dog was being trained to sniff out suspects in a large building, but attacked an unsuspecting worker who suffered serious personal injury as a result. 

Careless officer causes personal injury to frightened teen

When most California residents think of police officers, they likely think that officers on duty will use their years of training to handle each situation calmly and safely, and do their best to prevent injury to others. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and police officers may behave dangerously in the heat of the moment. Recently, serious personal injury was suffered by a frightened teenager at the hands of an overzealous and careless officer. 

Day at the pool results in personal injury

The summer sun has returned to California, leaving residents and visitors alike looking for a way to cool off. A trip to the pool is one way for families to catch some rays, beat the heat and spend time relaxing with friends. While most people are aware that obeying safety rules and keeping an eye on young swimmers greatly reduces the risk of personal injury, on some occasions, the pool facility itself can be the source of danger to swimmers. 


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