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Failure to follow procedure could result in dental malpractice

It is common knowledge that adhering to proper procedures of sterilizing medical equipment helps keep patients safe from the spread of infection. This also holds true for dentistry in California and around the country. In a case in another state a dental practice has been closed down because of possibly exposing patients to HIV and hepatitis, which could result in a dental malpractice case.

Dental malpractice possible cause of 2-year-old's death

The term medical malpractice typically conjures up images of heart, brain or other surgeries gone dramatically wrong. One doesn't typically think of a dental procedure in California as being a candidate for a malpractice case. But dental malpractice is an issue and there was a tragic case in another state.

Inadequate patient care can lead to dental malpractice

Maintaining dental health is vital to one's overall health. People trust their dentists to have the knowledge, skill and experience to successfully treat dental issues. In a recent case in Rancho Santa Fe, California a dentist was found too have been negligent and is facing a dental malpractice suit.

Dental malpractice the result of a faulty procedure

People in California go to medical professionals when they need medical care. Dentists are among those medical professionals. It is known that a healthy mouth contributes to overall general health and an unhealthy mouth can contribute to serious medical problems. A dental malpractice suit can result from improper dental care

Multiple victims of dental malpractice still suffering

Most California residents would probably count themselves among the majority of Americans that do not enjoy going to the dentist. For many, even routine dental procedures can be stressful and uncomfortable. Most dentists do their best to make each visit as gentle and efficient as possible, but occasionally some patients suffer as a result of dental malpractice. 


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