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Laptop theft may leave someone looking for criminal defense

Coffee shops have become popular spots for people to take their laptops, order a cup of coffee and maybe a snack, and get some work done. This practice has increased in California as most coffee shops encourage this behavior by making wi-fi networks available to their patrons. A theft in an Oakland area establishment may have the suspect in the case looking for a criminal defense.

Accused young burglar may need criminal defense

Burglaries are one of the most common crimes in California. Potential thieves are often on the lookout for easy targets. Two homes in Gilroy were recently burglarized and a young man has been taken into custody as a suspect in those break-ins. He must now focus on his criminal defense.

Prior convictions must not detract from criminal defense

Being accused of a crime in California can be scary. Being convicted of that crime and serving one's time may be downright frightening. A person coming out of a correctional facility after having served time for a conviction is placed on parole as part of a transition back into society. While repeat offenses may be charged during a person's parole period, a person is still presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty and is entitled to a criminal defense.

Criminal defense may be needed to protect one's rights

It's been said in the past that people rob banks because that's where the money is. In a recent case in California, that philosophy might be applicable, as five branches of Wells Fargo have been recently robbed. Authorities have detained a suspect who may be in need of a criminal defense.

Multiple suspects may need to present criminal defense

California police are currently investigating what has been described as a grand theft case. Allegedly, nearly 20 people were involved in theft from Apple retailers. Only eight people have been arrested so far, and some of the accused are minors. Due to the large scale of the supposed theft ring, many of the accused may have a valid reason to present a solid criminal defense

When children cause harm, adults may need criminal defense

California parents and grandparents would probably admit that, even when they do their best to keep an eye on the children they care for, sometimes, tragedy can strike. Children can often get into things that can hurt them or others, and they are sometimes too young to know how to behave cautiously. A gun is one item that can be deadly in the hands of a child. When a child uses a gun, his or her guardians may find themselves in need of criminal defense.

Dishonest witnesses can affect criminal defense

California residents are likely familiar with the basic proceedings of a criminal trial. Both the prosecution and the defense are given the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses to validate their side of the story. Recently, it has been discovered that when witnesses who are serving sentences for crimes of their own are used by the prosecution, there is an increased likelihood that they may not be truthful, but rather provide false testimony on behalf of the prosecution in exchange for a lesser personal sentence. This can be a deathblow to a defendant trying to present a criminal defense. 


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