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Failure to follow procedure could result in dental malpractice

It is common knowledge that adhering to proper procedures of sterilizing medical equipment helps keep patients safe from the spread of infection. This also holds true for dentistry in California and around the country. In a case in another state a dental practice has been closed down because of possibly exposing patients to HIV and hepatitis, which could result in a dental malpractice case.

The practice failed to follow proper sterilization and processing techniques for the dental equipment being used. This could have caused the patients to be exposed to HIV, hepatitis B or hepatitis C. The state's health department is urging that patients who were seen at the practice to get checked for those infections.

The practice was shut down following an inspection by the health department. An anonymous tip from someone reported unsafe practices at the dental clinic. The department of health is working with the staff of the clinic to ensure that proper procedures are understood and will not allow the clinic to reopen until the department is satisfied that the situation is completely resolved.

It is not unusual to go to the doctor or dentist in California and take for granted that the staff is following all of the proper procedures to provide a safe patient environment. If one is at all concerned, or if a person believes he or she may have been improperly exposed to an infection, a consultation with a personal injury attorney might be appropriate. A lawyer can review the facts of one's situation and determine what legal options, including a dental malpractice lawsuit, may be available.

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