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Laptop theft may leave someone looking for criminal defense

Coffee shops have become popular spots for people to take their laptops, order a cup of coffee and maybe a snack, and get some work done. This practice has increased in California as most coffee shops encourage this behavior by making wi-fi networks available to their patrons. A theft in an Oakland area establishment may have the suspect in the case looking for a criminal defense.

The incident occurred during a recent lunch hour. The suspect entered the restaurant and demanded that customers put their laptops into a large bag that he was carrying. He wore a yellow vest and a bandana to conceal his face, and he was carrying a handgun. The restaurant is near an elementary school. No shots were reportedly fired in the course of the robbery, and no one was injured.

The owner of the cafe was present at the time of the incident. He exited out the back door to call 911 to inform police of the robbery. He then closed the cafe and allowed his employees, who were understandably shaken, to go home for the rest of the day. The thief made away with about eight laptops and remains at large.

Anyone facing charges for theft in California is is entitled to a criminal defense and is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty in a court of law. The burden of proof falls on the prosecution and must be supported by the evidence presented. This would include positive identification of the accused as the perpetrator, which might be difficult if the person's face was concealed. A defense attorney can help the accused to understand the charges he or she faces and the rights that he or she is entitled to.

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