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Dental malpractice possible cause of 2-year-old's death

The term medical malpractice typically conjures up images of heart, brain or other surgeries gone dramatically wrong. One doesn't typically think of a dental procedure in California as being a candidate for a malpractice case. But dental malpractice is an issue and there was a tragic case in another state.

A young boy, then 2 years old, was told that he needed what amounted to root canals on his baby teeth. The dentist who recommended this procedure, known as a pulpotomy, had only seen the child twice before informing the parents that the procedure was necessary. It would involve performing root canals on the baby teeth and then installing crowns with the patient under general anesthesia.

According to the lawsuit brought against the dental practice and the anesthesiologist, the practice decided to go ahead with the procedure without getting fully informed consent from the parents. The person who briefed them on the procedure was reportedly not qualified to do so. According to the lawsuit, a warning from a pulse oximeter, a device  used to measure a patient's pulse and blood oxygen levels while under anesthesia,was disregarded and silenced during the procedure.The child was left unattended in the recovery room following the procedure. He died as a result of complications believed to have been caused by anesthesia.

The loss of a child is possibly the worst pain a parent can experience. People tend to trust medical professionals and take their advice when a procedure is recommended in California. When a procedure goes wrong, the effect can be devastating and dental malpractice can result. Nothing can bring a child back, but a successfully presented civil lawsuit against the parties deemed responsible can provide compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering and possibly prevent another family from experiencing the same anguish. Consulting with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney can help a family to determine if a suit is a viable option.

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