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Inadequate patient care can lead to dental malpractice

Maintaining dental health is vital to one's overall health. People trust their dentists to have the knowledge, skill and experience to successfully treat dental issues. In a recent case in Rancho Santa Fe, California a dentist was found too have been negligent and is facing a dental malpractice suit.

The dentist removed a wisdom tooth from a female patient and complications ensued. The patient suffered an injury to a nerve known as paresthesia. The condition can cause numbness, pain and a need for continuing medical care. The patient has filed a dental malpractice suit against the dentist.

The dentist denied any wrongdoing and felt it was a frivolous case. He claimed to have provided adequate postoperative care. However, an investigation of the dentist's records by The Coast News reportedly uncovered evidence of past misconduct. He has apparently encountered a number of ethical and criminal problems over the years, dating back as far as 30 years ago. In fact, his license to practice dentistry in Pennsylvania was suspended indefinitely in 2001, though it was fully reinstated 10 years later.

Dentists are not infallible but must strive strive to do their best for their patients. If a person in California feels he or she has received inadequate dental care or suffered increased pain and discomfort following a procedure, one may wish to consult with an attorney experienced in handling dental malpractice cases. Improper dental care can lead to more serious health issues and may require additional treatment for years to come. A knowledgeable attorney can review the facts of the case and determine if a civil suit against the dentist is a viable option. A successful suit can provide compensation for current and future medical costs and other verifiable losses.

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