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Dental malpractice the result of a faulty procedure

People in California go to medical professionals when they need medical care. Dentists are among those medical professionals. It is known that a healthy mouth contributes to overall general health and an unhealthy mouth can contribute to serious medical problems. A dental malpractice suit can result from improper dental care

A dentist in another state was sued for improper care of a patient who required a three-tooth bridge. The dentist reportedly failed to adequately prepare the patient's mouth for the bridge. There was tooth decay surrounding the area where the bridge was to be placed. The decay was not removed before the bridge was put in place. The patient lost two additional teeth that may have been saved had the decay been removed.

The dentist also did not do any bite studies to help ensure that the bridge would fit properly when it was put into place. The bridge deteriorated and fell apart after it was affixed to the jaw. This may have been caused by the decay that had not been removed prior to the bridge being installed. The patient sued the dentist and was awarded over $350,000.

If a person in California feels he or she has received flawed or inadequate dental care, that person may wish to have a conversation with a medical malpractice attorney. A knowledgeable attorney can review the facts of the case and advise the client as to whether or not a dental malpractice suit is an option. A successfully litigated claim may provide compensation for existing dental costs and possibly for future costs that result from the faulty care that preceded the lawsuit.

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