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Common infant product known to cause personal injury

California parents may assume that if a baby product is available in most stores, it must be safe. While products for infants are subject to some of the strictest safety regulations, one product continues to cause serious personal injury, even when used properly. Baby walkers, a type of seat with wheels attached, have been used for generations to help children learn to walk, but doctors are speaking out about the inherent danger they pose to little ones. 

A group of pediatricians has long suggested the walkers be banned, but recently, they have spoken out publicly. The doctors say that even when a baby uses the walker under parental supervision, and according to the safety suggestions set forth by manufacturers, children are still at risk to be seriously hurt. They cite thousands of examples in which children are brought to emergency rooms across the nation, suffering from head wounds, broken bones and other serious injuries from accidents involving baby walkers. 

The pediatricians suggest that it is much safer for infants to use a stationary apparatus to learn to stand. These stationary devices are commonly sold alongside walkers, leaving many parents with the false impression that both are safe. This is not the case, and doctors across the nation are calling for an immediate ban on the sale of walkers to the public. 

When a child suffers serious personal injury, parents may feel overwhelmed and helpless. If medical research has shown a product is unsafe, but it continues to be sold, parents may feel as if the injury to their child could have been prevented. California parents facing similar issues may want to contact an attorney experienced in handling products liability claims. A lawyer may be able to help families as they attempt to deal with medical bills, a suffering child and possible legal action. 

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