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Multiple victims of dental malpractice still suffering

Most California residents would probably count themselves among the majority of Americans that do not enjoy going to the dentist. For many, even routine dental procedures can be stressful and uncomfortable. Most dentists do their best to make each visit as gentle and efficient as possible, but occasionally some patients suffer as a result of dental malpractice. 

Recently, the apparent gross negligence of a California dentist has come to light. Multiple patients have stated over the course of several years that a trip to the doctor's dental practice resulted in horrifying health problems. When a dentist is negligent, it can cause severe injuries and can even be life-threatening to patients. 

Some patients reported that they suffered bone loss due to infection. Others admitted that they could not stop drooling. The majority of the patients harmed complained that the damage the doctor caused would cost a lot of money and several procedures to fix and, for some, is irreversible even after further dental procedures. 

When a dental practitioner is negligent, patients may feel helpless. Medical bills to try to repair the damage can be costly. Pain and suffering caused by a dental procedure gone bad can affect a person's quality of life for years to come. Victims of dental malpractice should be aware that, in many cases, it can be helpful to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney may be able to help as victims attempt to hold a dentist deemed negligent accountable for his or her actions in a court of law. 

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