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Careless officer causes personal injury to frightened teen

When most California residents think of police officers, they likely think that officers on duty will use their years of training to handle each situation calmly and safely, and do their best to prevent injury to others. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and police officers may behave dangerously in the heat of the moment. Recently, serious personal injury was suffered by a frightened teenager at the hands of an overzealous and careless officer. 

The ordeal began when a police officer spotted the California boy riding his bike and noticed that his bike did not have a light even though it was after dark. He approached the child and began to question him about warrants, and the boy became frightened. The child attempted to flee, and officers gave chase. 

One of the officers was driving very fast and attempted to negotiate a turn to cut the boy off and apprehend him. He was going much too fast to safely make the turn, and he struck the child. The young boy slid across the hood of the car and was thrown onto the ground. He survived, but the experience was certainly traumatic. An internal investigation revealed that the officer had acted unsafely, and he has since been suspended from duty. 

When a child suffers personal injury because of an adult, parents may be frightened and furious. They must determine how to care for their injured child while also dealing with issues like medical bills, legal cases and insurance matters. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help victims and their families as they attempt to help their child heal and hold the responsible party accountable in a court of law. 

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