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When children cause harm, adults may need criminal defense

California parents and grandparents would probably admit that, even when they do their best to keep an eye on the children they care for, sometimes, tragedy can strike. Children can often get into things that can hurt them or others, and they are sometimes too young to know how to behave cautiously. A gun is one item that can be deadly in the hands of a child. When a child uses a gun, his or her guardians may find themselves in need of criminal defense.

Recently, a small California boy who lived with his grandfather managed to get his hands on a gun in the home. He then accidentally fatally shot his cousin, who was only 2. In addition to facing the tragedy involving the children, the grandfather soon found himself facing serious charges. 

Investigators allege that the grandfather himself caused the death by leaving a gun where a child could get it. They failed to disclose the location of the gun when the boy picked it up. They have charged the grandfather with child endangerment and with being a felon in possession of a firearm. 

When a person stands accused of a crime involving injury or death to a small child, he or she may fear being automatically seen as guilty because of being the older, more responsible party. Being accused of a crime is certainly no indication of guilt. Sometimes, an accident, though tragic, cannot be prevented. It can be helpful for the accused to consult an attorney experienced in criminal defense. An attorney may be able to help the accused explain his or her side of the story in a court of law. 

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