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Medical malpractice can result from surgical errors

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer can be terrifying. Once the news sinks in and a course of treatment has been prescribed and chosen, a person trusts the medical professionals to perform their jobs. In a recent case in California, surgical errors resulted in mistakes that could have been avoided.

A man was diagnosed with colon cancer and was scheduled for surgery at Madera Community Hospital. According to the patient's colonoscopy, there was a tumor located on the left side of his colon. The surgeon at Madera operated on the right side. The error appears to have occurred because the hospital apparently failed to verify the proper surgical location. The surgeon reportedly did not review the patient's test results and medical records prior to surgery.

Dental malpractice possible cause of 2-year-old's death

The term medical malpractice typically conjures up images of heart, brain or other surgeries gone dramatically wrong. One doesn't typically think of a dental procedure in California as being a candidate for a malpractice case. But dental malpractice is an issue and there was a tragic case in another state.

A young boy, then 2 years old, was told that he needed what amounted to root canals on his baby teeth. The dentist who recommended this procedure, known as a pulpotomy, had only seen the child twice before informing the parents that the procedure was necessary. It would involve performing root canals on the baby teeth and then installing crowns with the patient under general anesthesia.

Failure to observe surgical precision results in personal injury

Surgical precision is a term that is frequently used to describe something that must be carried out with accuracy and great attention to detail. There is a reason the term has entered the lexicon and it's because surgery does require those two qualities to be successful. One aspect of surgery that must be precise is that the number of items used to perform a surgery, such as needles, sponges, clamps and so on, must equal the number of those items that are present at the end of the surgery. In California and elsewhere, failure to meet that criteria could result in personal injury to the patient by an item being left inside the patient after the surgeon closes any incisions.

In an incident in Oxnard, a woman undergoing heart surgery was closed up with a 3 inch long needle left in her abdomen. The needle had broken during the course of the surgery. It was a delicate surgery that required many needles and wires. The needle was removed seven months later when the patient came to the hospital complaining of burning pain and a sharp object that protruded from her abdomen when she bent over.

Inadequate patient care can lead to dental malpractice

Maintaining dental health is vital to one's overall health. People trust their dentists to have the knowledge, skill and experience to successfully treat dental issues. In a recent case in Rancho Santa Fe, California a dentist was found too have been negligent and is facing a dental malpractice suit.

The dentist removed a wisdom tooth from a female patient and complications ensued. The patient suffered an injury to a nerve known as paresthesia. The condition can cause numbness, pain and a need for continuing medical care. The patient has filed a dental malpractice suit against the dentist.

Prior convictions must not detract from criminal defense

Being accused of a crime in California can be scary. Being convicted of that crime and serving one's time may be downright frightening. A person coming out of a correctional facility after having served time for a conviction is placed on parole as part of a transition back into society. While repeat offenses may be charged during a person's parole period, a person is still presumed innocent unless and until proven guilty and is entitled to a criminal defense.

After a recent spate of robberies in the Oakland area, a man recently released from prison and on probation has been arrested and charged with four recent thefts. In one of the incidents, a suspect reportedly held up a restaurant. The robber was alleged to have used what looked like a gun in the course of the robbery in which the thief took close to $500. A witness saw a man duck behind a car in a nearby garage where police later found a jacket, a mask and a replica firearm. The police then apprehended the suspect who was identified by a restaurant employee as the perpetrator of the theft.

Criminal defense may be needed to protect one's rights

It's been said in the past that people rob banks because that's where the money is. In a recent case in California, that philosophy might be applicable, as five branches of Wells Fargo have been recently robbed. Authorities have detained a suspect who may be in need of a criminal defense.

The most recent robbery occurred on an afternoon in October. The bank had reportedly been held up by a middle-aged man who was described as clean-shaven, slender with grey hair and wearing a baseball cap. The alleged robber demanded cash via a note reportedly handed to a bank teller.

Personal injury and death in wine country

It's harvest time in California wine country. It's a busy time for the vineyards where much of the work is done by hand but large machinery is also involved. The machines can be dangerous and the possibility of personal injury is a reality.

A worker was killed at a vineyard as he was working in the vicinity of a grape harvesting machine. He was said to have been working on the ground near the machine when a piece of his clothing became entangled in the machine. Cal Fire responded after being dispatched regarding an incident involving a grape picking machine. The worker was pronounced dead at the scene.

Dental malpractice the result of a faulty procedure

People in California go to medical professionals when they need medical care. Dentists are among those medical professionals. It is known that a healthy mouth contributes to overall general health and an unhealthy mouth can contribute to serious medical problems. A dental malpractice suit can result from improper dental care

A dentist in another state was sued for improper care of a patient who required a three-tooth bridge. The dentist reportedly failed to adequately prepare the patient's mouth for the bridge. There was tooth decay surrounding the area where the bridge was to be placed. The decay was not removed before the bridge was put in place. The patient lost two additional teeth that may have been saved had the decay been removed.

Is dental malpractice really a thing?

Yes. Dental malpractice exists here in California and everywhere else in the country. A dentist is considered a medical professional who must meet certain standards of care just as medical doctors do.

Just as a medical doctor can fail to properly diagnose a condition or take too long to diagnose a condition, so can a dentist. This could delay the proper diagnosis of serious oral conditions such as periodontal disease or mouth cancer. Dentists perform procedures during which they can make mistakes that could cause harm to their patients. If a patient fails to receive the proper after care, he or she could contract a dangerous infection.

Multiple suspects may need to present criminal defense

California police are currently investigating what has been described as a grand theft case. Allegedly, nearly 20 people were involved in theft from Apple retailers. Only eight people have been arrested so far, and some of the accused are minors. Due to the large scale of the supposed theft ring, many of the accused may have a valid reason to present a solid criminal defense

The people involved have been accused of stealing over a million dollars of merchandise combined, but law enforcement has not yet released details of what role they suspect each individual played. In situations where there are multiple defendants, there is a good chance some have been falsely accused or had limited involvement. Law enforcement claims to have spent many weeks looking into the situation before making any arrests. 


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