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Is dental malpractice really a thing?

Yes. Dental malpractice exists here in California and everywhere else in the country. A dentist is considered a medical professional who must meet certain standards of care just as medical doctors do.

Just as a medical doctor can fail to properly diagnose a condition or take too long to diagnose a condition, so can a dentist. This could delay the proper diagnosis of serious oral conditions such as periodontal disease or mouth cancer. Dentists perform procedures during which they can make mistakes that could cause harm to their patients. If a patient fails to receive the proper after care, he or she could contract a dangerous infection.

Multiple suspects may need to present criminal defense

California police are currently investigating what has been described as a grand theft case. Allegedly, nearly 20 people were involved in theft from Apple retailers. Only eight people have been arrested so far, and some of the accused are minors. Due to the large scale of the supposed theft ring, many of the accused may have a valid reason to present a solid criminal defense

The people involved have been accused of stealing over a million dollars of merchandise combined, but law enforcement has not yet released details of what role they suspect each individual played. In situations where there are multiple defendants, there is a good chance some have been falsely accused or had limited involvement. Law enforcement claims to have spent many weeks looking into the situation before making any arrests. 

Common infant product known to cause personal injury

California parents may assume that if a baby product is available in most stores, it must be safe. While products for infants are subject to some of the strictest safety regulations, one product continues to cause serious personal injury, even when used properly. Baby walkers, a type of seat with wheels attached, have been used for generations to help children learn to walk, but doctors are speaking out about the inherent danger they pose to little ones. 

A group of pediatricians has long suggested the walkers be banned, but recently, they have spoken out publicly. The doctors say that even when a baby uses the walker under parental supervision, and according to the safety suggestions set forth by manufacturers, children are still at risk to be seriously hurt. They cite thousands of examples in which children are brought to emergency rooms across the nation, suffering from head wounds, broken bones and other serious injuries from accidents involving baby walkers. 

Rookie police dog causes serious personal injury to worker

Imagine the fear that could overcome a person who is just about to go home after a long day of work, when they are viciously attacked by a dog. This is what happened to a California worker, unaware that local police were using his workplace to train their new K-9 officer. The dog was being trained to sniff out suspects in a large building, but attacked an unsuspecting worker who suffered serious personal injury as a result. 

The dog bit the man's arm and clamped down hard, which is a common way trained police dogs disarm or take down a suspect. Unfortunately for the worker, the police responsible for training the dog did not make sure the building was clear before beginning the training exercise. Though certainly the dog thought it was doing what had been asked, the human handlers were negligent. 

Careless officer causes personal injury to frightened teen

When most California residents think of police officers, they likely think that officers on duty will use their years of training to handle each situation calmly and safely, and do their best to prevent injury to others. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and police officers may behave dangerously in the heat of the moment. Recently, serious personal injury was suffered by a frightened teenager at the hands of an overzealous and careless officer. 

The ordeal began when a police officer spotted the California boy riding his bike and noticed that his bike did not have a light even though it was after dark. He approached the child and began to question him about warrants, and the boy became frightened. The child attempted to flee, and officers gave chase. 

Multiple victims of dental malpractice still suffering

Most California residents would probably count themselves among the majority of Americans that do not enjoy going to the dentist. For many, even routine dental procedures can be stressful and uncomfortable. Most dentists do their best to make each visit as gentle and efficient as possible, but occasionally some patients suffer as a result of dental malpractice. 

Recently, the apparent gross negligence of a California dentist has come to light. Multiple patients have stated over the course of several years that a trip to the doctor's dental practice resulted in horrifying health problems. When a dentist is negligent, it can cause severe injuries and can even be life-threatening to patients. 

When children cause harm, adults may need criminal defense

California parents and grandparents would probably admit that, even when they do their best to keep an eye on the children they care for, sometimes, tragedy can strike. Children can often get into things that can hurt them or others, and they are sometimes too young to know how to behave cautiously. A gun is one item that can be deadly in the hands of a child. When a child uses a gun, his or her guardians may find themselves in need of criminal defense.

Recently, a small California boy who lived with his grandfather managed to get his hands on a gun in the home. He then accidentally fatally shot his cousin, who was only 2. In addition to facing the tragedy involving the children, the grandfather soon found himself facing serious charges. 

Dishonest witnesses can affect criminal defense

California residents are likely familiar with the basic proceedings of a criminal trial. Both the prosecution and the defense are given the opportunity to present evidence and witnesses to validate their side of the story. Recently, it has been discovered that when witnesses who are serving sentences for crimes of their own are used by the prosecution, there is an increased likelihood that they may not be truthful, but rather provide false testimony on behalf of the prosecution in exchange for a lesser personal sentence. This can be a deathblow to a defendant trying to present a criminal defense. 

Recently it was discovered that in the case of one California man, a witness, who had been incarcerated at the time of the man's trial, had given false testimony. This dishonest evidence was used to convict the man of a series of crimes that he adamantly denied committing. Two decades after the trial, the witness admitted on a radio show that the man had never confessed to any crimes, as he had previously claimed during the trial. 

Protecting your kids’ dental health

Dental health is very important for kids. Putting children on the path early to good dental hygiene could help up their chances of developing good life-long dental habits. Also, when kids develop problems with their teeth, it could have major impacts on their health and life.

So, it can be critical for parents to give appropriate attention to their children’s dental health. What steps can you take in this regard? Here are four tips for parents for helping kids avoid dental problems:

Day at the pool results in personal injury

The summer sun has returned to California, leaving residents and visitors alike looking for a way to cool off. A trip to the pool is one way for families to catch some rays, beat the heat and spend time relaxing with friends. While most people are aware that obeying safety rules and keeping an eye on young swimmers greatly reduces the risk of personal injury, on some occasions, the pool facility itself can be the source of danger to swimmers. 

On June 14, a pool in San Jose became the scene of a frightening accident. Witnesses say they noticed a strange smell, and people began to shout for everyone to get out of the pool. Soon after, some people experienced trouble breathing, while others began to vomit. About 35 people were rushed to local hospitals, requiring the use of 10 ambulances. 


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