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We Want To Prevent Surprises During Your Case

The questions we ask may seem unrelated to your case. However, they help us understand your background and exact details of the situation that may affect a future lawsuit. All answers are completely confidential and aid in protecting you during a future trial or legal discovery.

The more detail you can provide us, the smoother your process will go. Disclosing as much truthful information as possible establishes credibility during your case and helps us fight for the maximum compensation you deserve.

Protect Your Rights During A Lawsuit

We advise all clients to invoke their right to silence and avoid discussing their dental malpractice case. This helps protect you from harming your case or incriminating yourself. If you discuss anything with your dentist, they may begin creating their defense against you, record your conversations or alter your records.

Contact us right away if your dentist suggests new treatments, offers additional treatments or specialist referrals, anyone asks about your case, or you have changed your contact information. All of these can be important factors to your case's success.

Get A Head Start On Your Case

You can aid your case by gathering evidence ahead of time. Asking for records, X-rays, medical information, bills, insurance filings, prescriptions, and detailed information on the dental process and treatment plans is a huge help. The original documents are essential to your case, but we advise making a copy of everything as well.

Our team at Hardwick Law Office is ready for fight for your case. Do not let dentist negligence go unpursued. You deserve compensation for pain and suffering and to feel closure for the trauma you have endured.

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