Dental Mistakes Can Have Long-Term Consequences

Dental malpractice occurs when a dentist's treatment is below the medical standard of care or involves massive errors that could have been avoided. Injuries sustained because of dental misconduct are often devastating and traumatic — involving substantial costs, pain and suffering, and psychological and emotional outcomes.

We understand experiencing a procedure far more invasive than you were told is traumatic, stressful and extremely upsetting.

Maltreatment from a dentist can have lifelong consequences. You deserve to be compensated for your injuries — and the Hardwick Law Office is prepared to represent your case. Contact our firm right away if you know or suspect a problem caused by any dental procedure.

We have experience successfully representing injuries resulting from dental malpractice, including, but not limited to:

  • Nerve injuries or feelings of numbness, tingling, burning with drooling or impaired speech.
  • Failed restorations for crowns, dental implant, veneers, fillings and bridges.
  • Periodontal neglect when a dentist fails to pay adequate attention to your gums.
  • Orthodontic injuries or errors from an incorrect installment of braces or use of Invisalign and clear aligners.
  • Failed root canal therapy involving failure to remove roots, infections and repeat root canals.
  • Failed or unnecessary extractions such as pulling all or too many teeth or not entirely removing a tooth.
  • Surgical errors involving wisdom teeth extractions, gum grafts, operating on the wrong teeth or dental equipment left in the surgical area.
  • Infections from improper pre- or post-operative care.
  • Failure to diagnose or misdiagnosis of serious illness or diseases such as mouth or tongue cancer.

Dental Malpractice Cases Involving Minors

Our team has years of experience working with children in malpractice cases. Common issues your child may face include bad orthodontics or misdiagnosis of a severe dental problem.

Many attorneys will pass on these types of cases because they do not see them as profitable. At the Hardwick Law Office, we welcome working with children and families. Your situation is always carefully analyzed by our skilled team so we can discuss the best strategy with you.

Protect Yourself After Bad Dental Work

If you suspect your dental care was not up to standard, do not hesitate to reach out. The Hardwick Law Office is prepared to represent you if you have suffered injuries because of dental malpractice in California. The statute of limitations for dental malpractice cases is different for adults and minors — learn more during a free consultation.

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