Our Approach To Comprehensive Legal Services

At the Hardwick Law Office, we offer a range of legal services to support you in whatever life brings. Our founding attorney, Jim Hardwick, has a strong background focused on dental malpractice cases. We also offer legal help for your personal injury and general medical malpractice cases.

As a graduate of Santa Clara University School of Law, attorney Jim Hardwick knows the ins and outs of the California legal system. After serving as counsel to a well-known local dental malpractice attorney, the Hardwick Law Office was formed to bring one-on-one client attention and strong client advocacy to California residents.

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A Compassionate Approach In Distressing Times

Our firm takes pride in our empathetic and sympathetic approach to all client cases. We understand that you may be extremely concerned about your future and unsure how to fix your situation.

When you work with us, we see things from your perspective and serve as your advocate. We listen carefully to your unique scenario and work hard to help you find a positive resolution.

We understand the difficulties your case may be facing. Huge insurance companies are trained to make medical and dental malpractice cases hard to pursue. We will fight for the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering. At the Hardwick Law Office, we always see you as someone that matters.

Tell Us About Your Case

We want to hear from you. Contact us through our online form or call 510-898-6372 for a free consultation. We are flexible to your needs — call for after-hours or weekend appointments.

Our Northern California office serves clients in the Oakland and East Bay Areas, as well as statewide dental malpractice cases.